Inspirational Excerpts

So I know I’ve been more than MIA the best few weeks, but graduation is right around the corner! Unfortunately, before I turn that corner, I have 2 papers to write, a test to take, an an oral presentation. C’est la vie. For one of my class readings, I was assigned the epilogue from David Treadway’s book Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries. The future is a scary thing, and while I’m excited at the prospect of becoming a therapist, I’m also experiencing some anxiety. Here are a few lines from Treadway that I found soothing and inspirational and can be applied to anyone’s life.

“..the only thing we can truly trust is that love hurts. The challenge in our lives is to risk loving anyway and not shy away or avoid responsibility when we do hurt each other.”

“Sometimes we have a great impact on people’s lives, and sometimes we’re just a forgotten name on old check stubs. It takes time for the impact of our work to take root. I remind myself that after the back-breaking effort of planting a new garden, the next morning when one looks out the window, all you’ll see is dirt. You have to give it time.”

“…you will always make mistakes, that the more you learn the more you’ll realize how much you don’t know. Our obligation to all who come to us is to learn from our mistakes, recognize our limitations, and resist taking ourselves too seriously. We need to be able to experience the joy of tears and the tears of joy”

Until next time!



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