A Girl’s Breast Friend

WARNING: If the discussion of mammaries makes you uncomfortable, stop reading. I repeat, stop reading.

Now then, let’s talk about boobs. Everyone has them- some people love theirs and embrace them, some people hate theirs, get them enhanced or reduced, or try to modify them without surgery. Regardless of size, I think that when exercising, everyone wants to feel supported, yet comfortable. There is nothing worse than worrying about how much you’re bouncing, or if someone if getting a peep show due to inadequate padding.  A good sports bra is much more than just support- it should elevate your confidence, and provide you with increased motivation.

Photo cred: enell.com

I know that may sound far-fetched for some, so hear me out. I am relatively short, 5’3″, and thanks to the traits I’ve inherited from the women on my father’s side, I have a large chest. For the most part, I’ve learned to appreciate my body. Yes, it is slightly annoying having to size up one or two sizes in button-down shirts to accommodate my chest,but I think rather than spending time on self-criticizing, that time is better spent on self accepting. The one aspect that I was still uncomfortable with was my workout attire.

Photo cred: enell.com

When I started running over the summer, I wore a North Face sports bra, plus a tank top that had a sports bra built in. Once I started to increase my mileage, I noticed some chafing under my left boob. I thought it was just a one time thing, so I readjusted and continued to use the bra. A lot of triple antibiotic ointment and gauze later led me to the conclusion that this was not a one time occurrence. However, I could not find a bra that I was happy purchasing. Frustrated with the sports bra search, I decided to use what I had- a soft sports bra that offered little support, underneath the dreaded other bra that gave me abrasions. Two sports bra. That’s right, I wore two sports bras for about 5 months. It’s bad enough having to peel one sweaty bra off your body after a long run, but two was terrible.

As usual, my sister was the one to talk some sense into me. She has been practicing Krav Maga for quite a few years now. That means that 1)she is a total bad ass, and 2) that she does a lot of high impact exercises. We were both home over Thanksgiving, and she let me use one of her Enell bras on my morning run. Not only did the bra physically change the way I held myself when I ran, it completely changed my confidence level. My posture was better, I no longer hunched my shoulders over, and I felt great about myself. My boobs did not bounce. It was hard for me to believe that was possible, and I’m still a little surprised each time I put the bra on. I know this sounds like a big plug for the company, but I don’t work for them and haven’t received any complimentary products from them. I’m simply excited that my breasts stay in place when I exercise, and wanted to share my experience with all of you. We all make sure that we have the proper yoga pants, running shoes, and other sports equipment, so why aren’t proper sports bras encouraged?


Has anybody else had to wear two dreaded sports bras? Is there a brand that has changed the way you work out? We’d love to hear from you!



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