Field Trip!

So like Ariel mentioned in her last post, I went out to Long Island to visit her this past weekend. I love me a good field trip!

Unfortunately, I ended up leaving a lot later than anticipated, and got caught up in rush hour traffic on a Friday, so by the time I got to Ariel’s I was mighty hungry. Fortunately for me, Ariel suggested we get some of my favorite food: INDIAN!!

Now, Ariel and I have a history with Indian food, which to sum up in few words involved us previously having ordered Shrimp Vindaloo (the spiciest thing on the menu) and it taking us about 2 hours to share 6 shrimp… So when she suggested that we get some for dinner, I knew there would be a tasty challenge ahead of us.

Naturally, we ordered a spicy twist on a favorite. We love dosas, so when we saw the Mysore Masala Dosa (Rice and lentil crepe wrapped around potatoes cooked in a very highly spiced masala), we knew that was something we had to try.

Check this baby out! Large and in charge, in size and flavor!

The insides were flaming red and filled with a fiercely spicy filling.

Despite the fact that it was the size of the table, we were able to take that dosa down!

The next day we went outlet shopping, and we saw a lot of pretty (expensive!) things at Kate Spade.

How cute are these guys?

Ariel modeled this awesome ring. I think I might smell a DIY in the works…

These hats were fantastic. But I can’t help wondering if we could figure out how to knit these…

I love the GIANT pom poms!

Before I left on Sunday, we took an autumnal stroll around her campus and she pointed out this amazing tree. How fabulous are the leaves that change from the tips first? It almost looks like it’s on fire!

Without a doubt, this was a much needed weekend adventure!



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