All That Glitters Is Gourd

Autumn is hands down my favorite season.

The leaves changing colors, sweater weather, the pumpkins, the glitter… Ok, so the glitter isn’t necessarily autumn specific, but I thought why not incorporate some sparkle into some fall favorites?

Gourds are a great way to incorporate some autumn decor indoors. I picked up a few (3 for a $1!) a couple of weekends ago visiting my sister further upstate New York, where she goes to college. When I got home with them, I thought they could use a little ‘bling’.

BAM! That’s a sparkly gourd!


Glue (I used a Martha Stewart brand ‘glittering glue’ but I’m pretty sure a white Elmer’s glue would work just fine.)


Glitter (I used a Martha Stewart brand superfine glitter.)




1. Prep your area by covering it in at least as many layers of newspaper as colors of glitter you will be using. This is so the excess glitter of one color does not end up on a gourd of another color if you have to put it down.

2.. Hold gourd by stem and base with two fingers. Coat the entire gourd lightly in glue. Make sure there are no drips. I left the base of the gourd free of glue so it wouldn’t stick to the newspaper once I put it down.

3. Lightly sprinkle glitter over the entire gourd as you rotate it. When you are 3/4 of the way through, you can use the excess glitter that has fallen onto the newspaper to fill in the rest. No wasting!

4. Your gourd is complete! Allow it to dry according to the directions on your glue. I brought mine outside to the sunshine to help the process. Once the glue has dried, there may be some excess glitter, just shake it off.

5. Continue with the rest of your gourds and glitter colors.

6. Arrange your gourds and display!

I also just wanted to show you guys how adorable they looked drying outside next to their bigger pumpkin friends!

If it wasn’t that I knew it was going to rain that night, I might have kept them out there.

Obviously the possibilities are limitless… Stripes, polka dots, more intricate designs on bigger gourds or even pumpkins!

Are there any autumnal crafts that you have done with gourds or glitter?



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