Lumber Jill

One of the reasons that I started my “Wardrobe Renaissance” was due to the fact that I didn’t have any exciting casual clothing. I was heading out to a concert one night, and didn’t want to just wear jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. I wanted something that was casual and comfortable, but also looked kind of funky. At this time, I had been at my first internship for a few months, so my closet was full of button downs and cardigans. My closet had the two extremes, super casual (basic tees and boot cut jeans) and super work appropriate (J Crew cardigans and pencil skirts). I think after trying on everything in my closet, I sat down on my bed and just sulked. While that got me nowhere, it encouraged me to go through my closet and reorganize.

I thought about how I chose what to wear each morning, and went from there. I usually choose what color I want to wear based on my mood or the current weather, and build up. My awesome sister also color coordinated her closet, so as the younger sister, I had to copy her. The above picture only represents about 1/3 of my clothing. The rest is in my dresser or under my bed, and gets let out of the box once winter comes along. My dresser was also reorganized, with tanks tops and t-shirts in one drawer, long sleeve shirts in another, and pants in the last. I put the tanks and tees in the top drawer because they go on the top half of my body, and the pants in the lower drawer because they go on the lower half of my body. Am I neurotic, or what? The organization helped me to take inventory of what I have, and figure out what I still want or need. While fashion is constantly evolving and changing, your wardrobe remains constant for at least a few years, so doing an inventory is key. This is what worked best for me, but there are other ways to go through your closet.

Whatever works best for you!

That being said, I’m still searching for some more staple items, both for casual and work wear. Although it was a whopping 85° today, my mind is gearing up for autumn. I’ve been on the hunt for a soft plaid shirt, and today was the day that I found it!

Not only is that a fantastic price, the fit is very flattering and the fabric is super soft. I think paired with grey skinny jeans and a white tank, it would be the perfect fall ensemble.

Now if only I could find a white tank top that wasn’t see-through. I may have to bring out the big guns for that search.

What changes have you made to your wardrobe lately?


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