From Poland, With Love

My name is Ariel,  ::”Hi, Ariel!”:: and I am a sucker for international/seasonal/limited edition foods. I’m usually efficient when I go grocery shopping, and stick to the list that I’ve made. However… there are exceptions. I LOVE anything and everything that is a limited autumnal flavor (pumpkin, apple cider, etc.) and I’m always intrigued by international foods that I’ve never seen before. While at Stop & Shop yesterday, I deviated from my list when I saw something that had two of my favorite flavors.

Dark chocolate and gingerbread?! I’m sold. I also couldn’t resist their adorable heart shape! These Polish cookies came with either strawberry, plum, or apple filling. I really wanted to try the plum, but wasn’t feeling very adventurous, so I stuck with strawberry.

Another factor that encouraged me to purchase them was the nutritional stats. The serving size is 3 cookies (110 calories, 2 g fat, 1 g saturated fat). While I’m not a calorie counter, I try to eat a healthy diet. I know that each person’s idea of healthy is different, so here’s what I aim for.

I’ve been a pescatarian for a little over 6 years. I only eat fish on average about 3-4 times a month, so I like to experiment with alternative sources of protein. I try to incorporate black beans, chick peas, edamame, or tofu  into most of my meals. I’ve also started stirring whey protein into my oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothies in order to up my intake. There are very few fruits and vegetables that I don’t like, so I try to eat fresh produce as frequently as possible. I’m constantly on the go during the school year, so I try to eat things that will make me feel energized, not weighed down and lethargic. I should probably give this topic a whole post of its own, huh? (hint, hint)

Where was I? Oh yes, COOKIES!
As you can see, the filling is not the vibrant red that is depicted on the bag. It is, however, delicious. The dark chocolate was rich, but not overpowering. The gingerbread on the other hand was a little disappointing. I love all things ginger, and this was lacking in the spice department. It did have a great texture, so I would probably buy these in the plum version, just to see what they taste like.

What, if anything, are you guilty of impulse spending on?


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