Care Package

I loved getting care packages when I was at sleep-away camp and in college. My mother always thought of the best things like socks with crazy prints or stickers.

So this week I needed a little pick me up, and decided to compile a little care package to myself. Being fresh out of grad school, and not yet blessed (cursed?) with a full time job means that pick me up needed to pack a punch, but not in my wallet…

I don’t subscribe to any, so the occasional magazine is an indulgent purchase. Plus it’s the September issue of Vogue, so it’s like the thickness of at least 2 magazines for the price of 1!

Crafts! More specifically, needlepoint. I found these 2 mini nautical pieces at a tag sale this weekend. $2! That’s the kind of bargain I love.

A recipe journal to store all of my culinary adventures! While this was a little on the pricier side, around $20, it’s something I’ve been meaning to invest in for a while, and look how adorable the detail is!

Hello tiny cheese grater, oven mitt and other kitchen utensils!

Uglydoll! The perfect cuddle companion for any gal. And a free one is even better! My sister got me this little guy, and I found him while cleaning, so I decided he could go into my feel-good stuff pile.

My little care package came to about $32. Not too shabby! Both my wallet and I are feeling better already!

– Marissa


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